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  Dedication to Others

Department of Family Medicine Department of Family Medicine

When you are assigned to our clinic we will provide you with care by these standards:

The Pediatric Clinic is a full service clinic for children age 0-18 years. We provide acute, routine, and well services for a population of over 8,000 children, seeing over 2,000 appointments per month. We also provide immunization services, completing school forms and updating vaccines for over 1,000 patients per month.

For individuals who would like to be seen in the Pediatric Clinic we have appointments scheduled:

  • Monday - Thursday 0730- 1930
  • Friday - 0730 - 1630
  • Saturday 0835-1835 (Closed 1200-1300 lunch)

Individuals can call through 762-408-CARE(2273) to schedule appointments.

Acute Care appointments are provided within 24-72 hours depending on urgency.

Due to service limitations we are not always able to see all patients within time limits. Because of this we do refer some individuals to MACH Emergency Room, Medcare, Columbus Clinic or other urgent care clinics throughout Columbus. Many urgent care clinics usually request not to see children less than 6 months of age. In addition, due to deployments and physician staffing we have been required to refer some patients to Primary Care Manager's (PCM's) within Columbus.

Routine Care Appointments are provided within 7-14 days.

Wellness Appointments are provided within 30 days.

You can also call through 762-408-CARE(2273) to:

  • Renew prescriptions
  • Have administrative paperwork completed
  • Get instruction or service
  • Leave messages for your doctor
  • Cancel appointments
  • Schedule immunizations

Out of area Emergency or Urgent Care

If you need to access an emergency room in a remote area, please attempt to call your primary care provider as soon as possible through 762-408-CARE(2273). Routine and well care is usually not authorized out of area without TRICARE approval.

Referrals for Diagnostic Testing and Specialty Consults:

Referrals for diagnostic testing and specialty consults must be routed through your primary care physician, call the 762-408-CARE(2273) line.

Prescription Renewals:

PRESCRIPTION RENEWALS for most medications should be obtained by calling your primary care physician. However, there are certain medications that are so complex a specialist should manage them. Ask your Specialist about whether any new prescriptions fall in this category. During duty hours (0835-1835) requests for complex PRESCRIPTION REFILLS can be left at 762-408-2754/1910. To reorder a prescription that does not have any refills or has expired you will need to contact your physician at 762-408-CARE(2273). Please do not call before you are on your last refill to reduce the telephone volume. Prescription requests submitted can be picked up the following day. Special order medications should be requested 2 weeks before needed.

Any questions about the two week waiting period or special order medications, please call the outpatient pharmacy at 762-408-CARE(2273).

Service Satisfaction:

If you have any questions about clinic policy, or a complaint regarding the clinic, call 762-408-CARE(2273). The Clinic OIC or NCOIC will return your call within a week after investigating the circumstances.

You may request a change of primary care provider. This can be done by submitting the request in writing through TRICARE, Building 9204.

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

Family members with medical problems requiring more than basic medical care are mandated by AR 608-75 to enroll in EFMP. You will need to take the DD 2792, AUG 2014 to their PCM or specialist to complete. Likewise, anybody receiving mental health care should be enrolled in EFMP and the DD 2792, AUG 2014 can be completed by their mental health provider. Once complete, the DD 2792, AUG 2014 may be dropped off at the EFMP office at Martin Army Community Hospital, Upatoi Clinic, 1st floor, 1B-230.

Any children with special educational needs will need to be enrolled in EFMP. The DD 2792-1, AUG 2014 will need to be completed by the child’s school or therapist, i.e. speech therapist. Once complete, the DD 2792-1, AUG 2014 may be dropped off at the EFMP office with a copy of the child’s IEP at Martin Army Community Hospital, Upatoi Clinic, 1st floor, 1B-230.

If you are going to PCS overseas/OCONUS, you will need an Overseas Screening appointment. Each family member will be required to have a current physical completed with their PCM within the past year. The soldier will be required to attain a DA 5888 from LEVY brief and have sections 1-8 filled out correctly. Once you have the DA 5888 and completed physicals for all family members, contact the EFMP office at 762-408-2423 or stop by at Martin Army Community Hospital, Upatoi Clinic, 1st floor, 1B-230 to get scheduled for your Overseas Screening appointment.

  • If you need more information about EFMP call 762-408-2423 or stop by the EFMP desk at Martin Army Community Hospital, Upatoi Clinic, 1st floor, 1B-230.
  • For more information and access to all forms, visit the US Army Medical Department EFMP website at http://efmp.amedd.army.mil/.

Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS)

EDIS is a program that provides early intervention services and assistance to families who have children ages birth to three years of age who have or may be at risk for developmental delays in their communication (listening, talking, expressing self and ideas), gross or fine motor (sitting up, crawling, walking, seeing, hearing), social skills (getting along with others, showing feelings), cognitive (learning skills, or problem solving), and adaptive (feeding, dressing, toilet training), skills.

Services are provided in the family's home and focus on the goals the family has for helping their child's functional skills develop. EDIS services, on the military installation, are provided at no cost to the family. Intervention services are also available to families who live off the military installation by the state agency in which they live. If you are a family member and have concerns about your child's development, EDIS can help. For more information about our services, please call (706) 545-3835/1161/5560.

We are committed to providing you with friendly, high quality customer service at all times and welcome to Martin Army Community Hospital and Ft Benning, Columbus, GA.

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