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Department of Medicine Department of Medicine

Department of Allergy/Immunology

Department of Allergy/Immunology

When you are TRICARE PRIME we will provide you with care by these standards:

  • Routine Consultation: You will be seen within 28 calendar days.

Clinic Hours:

Monday       0930-1900
Tuesday      0630-1600
Wednesday 0700-1600
Thursday     0930-1900
Friday          0630-1200

Allergy Shots - by appointment

Numbers You Should Know:

For the following information, please call : 762-408-CARE(2273)

  • Appointments
  • Customer Service Complaints
  • After Hours:

Health Care (Advice Nurse)
Appointment with Primary Care Manager
FBMA Information Desk

  • Appointment Cancellations

Messages for your Doctor: 762-408--2273

  • Administrative Messages
  • Clinical Symptoms and Complaints

If you need to access an emergency room in a remote area, please attempt to call your primary care provider as soon as possible.

Referrals for Diagnostic Testing and Specialty Consults:

Referrals for diagnostic testing and specialty consults must be routed through your primary care physician. If you need to access an emergency room in a remote area, please attempt to call your primary care provider as soon as possible.

Prescription Renewals:

Prescription renewals for most medications should be obtained by calling your primary care physician. However, there are certain medications that are so complex a specialist should manage them. Ask your Specialist about whether any new prescriptions fall in this category. During duty hours (0835-1600) requests for complex prescription refills can be left at 762-408-3319. Please do not call before you are on your last refill to reduce the telephone volume. Prescription requests submitted can be picked up the following day. Special order medications should be requested 2 weeks before needed.

Any questions about the two week waiting period, special order medicines, please call the outpatient pharmacy at 762-408-CARE(2273).

Service Satisfaction:

If you have any questions about clinic policy, or a complaint regarding the clinic, call 762-408-CARE(2273). The NCOIC will return your call within a week after investigating the circumstances. You may request a change of primary care provider.

We are committed to providing you with friendly, high quality customer service at all times.

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