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Department of Surgery Department of Surgery

General Surgery Clinic

What type of care is available?

The General Surgery Clinic provides comprehensive primary inpatient and outpatient surgical care for our patient population including all aspects of the general surgery specialty and many aspects of its subspecialties to include colorectal surgery, critical care surgery, surgical endoscopy, surgical oncology, and limited general thoracic surgery.

The General Surgery Clinic also offers esophageal pH and manometry studies which are used to evaluate patients being considered for surgery for gastroesophageal reflux disease.

What type of care is not available?

Cardiac surgery, complex thoracic surgery, peripheral vascular surgery, and plastic surgery are not provided at MACH and are referred to the TRICARE network or Health Benefits Advisors. Basic pediatric surgical cases are performed here at MACH.

However, due to nurse staffing limitations, we are currently unable to provide surgical care for children less than six months of age whose postoperative care would require an inpatient stay or for any children who require intensive care. Complex or congenital pediatric surgical cases are referred to a higher level treatment facility.

How is care obtained?

Patients obtain access to the General Surgery Clinic via referrals from any primary care provider or from other specialists within our healthcare system.

Where is the clinic located?

The General Surgery Clinic is located in the basement of the clinic wing in Room 79.

When is care available?

Hours for the General Surgery Clinic are from 0835-1630, Monday-Friday.

What is the telephone number for appointments?

Phone number to call for an appointment is 762-408-CARE (2273).

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