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Pain Intervention Clinic

What type of care is available?

The Pain Intervention Clinic provides medical evaluation and intervention of low back pain (chronic), myofascial pain syndrome, some types of reflex sympathetic dystrophy, certain neuromas, certain nerve entrapment syndromes.

What type of care is not available?

Oral pain medicine regimens, any intervention requiring fluoroscopic guidance, TENS unit, spinal cord stimulator placement, continuous infusion pumps/systems (implantable type), central intracranial neurolysis and blocks, and neurolytic blocks.

How is care obtained?

Patients obtain access to the Pain Intervention Clinic via referrals from any primary care provider or other specialist within the TRICARE system.

Where is care available?

The Pain Intervention Clinic is located on the second floor on Wing A, in the rear area of the Ambulatory Procedure Unit.

When is care available?

Pain Intervention Clinic is held on the second Tuesday of each month from 0830 to 1530.

What is the telephone number for appointments?

Appointments can be scheduled in person at the front desk or by calling 762-408-CARE (2273).

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