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What type of care is available?

MACH Physical Therapy provides Orthopedic and Sport Medicine Rehabilitation to Active Duty Service Members, Dependents, and Civilian employees. Services including evidence based practice standards include:

 Manual therapy: Hands on therapy consisting of manipulations and mobilizations for both acute and chronic injuries. Effective in treating decreased mobility, pain, poor motor control, and decreased flexibility.

 Aquatic therapy: Offered at Bryant Wells' Combative Gym on Tuesday and Thursday at 0900 and 1000 respectively for beginner and advanced programs.

 Sports Medicine: Rehabilitation challenging cardiovascular endurance, resistance, and agility training. Athletic taping, braces, and orthotics may be utilized to assist patient in performing at highest level of athletic performance.

What type of care is not available?

Patients who require long term care, pediatric physical therapy, neurological rehab, and cardiac rehab will be referred off post for appropriate services.

How is care obtained?

Permanent party Active Duty Service Members can make a scheduled appointment by contacting or visiting the front desk. Primary care referrals for physical therapy will be scheduled the same way. Students have direct access to physical therapy services through sick call.

Where is the clinic located?

There is a physical therapist located at each Troop Medical Clinic (TMC) located on post. The main clinic is located near the hospital at building # 9215.

When is care available?

Physical therapy is offered at different times based on the clinic in which you are assigned. Individual clinic contact information: Winder TMC: 706-544-0678, CTMC: 706-544-2994, MACH physical therapy: 706-544-2521, Harmony Church: 706-626-1598. Appointments can also be scheduled by calling 762-408-CARE (2273).

What is the telephone number for appointments?

Appointments can be scheduled in person at the front desk or by calling 762-408-CARE (2273).


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