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Department of Pathology

Welcome to the Department of Preventive Medicine

The Preventive Medicine Service at Martin Army Community Hospital is a multi-disciplinary department. Our goal is to promote readiness, prevent disease, and protect the health of the  Fort Benning community.

Office of the Chief, Preventive Medicine

Overall management of the Preventive Medicine Service. Provides recommendations on all medical related subjects. Board Certified Preventive Medicine physician serves as advisor to the Hospital Commander regarding preventive medicine issues.

Telephone: 762-408-CARE
Location: Building 2616, Soldier’s Plaza

  • Travel medicine appointments
  • Occupational medicine follow-up care 
  • Gulf War veteran evaluations (CCEP)
  • Depleted uranium training for MEDDAC and post personnel
  • Deployment immunization recommendations and education
  • Preventive medicine briefings to soldiers, commanders, and units
  • Epidemiologist for outbreak investigations
  • MEDDAC anthrax immunization surveillance

Environmental Health

Maintains environmental health and compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations at Fort Benning. Provides public and environmental health guidance and educational support to the post population, including surveillance, education, consultation, and inspection activities.

Telephone: 762-408-CARE
Location: Building 2616, 2nd Floor, Soldier’s Plaza

  • Potable water quality surveillance
  • Sanitation inspections of dining facilities, swimming pools, barber shops, and gymnasiums
  • Food service worker education
  • Hazardous material, and regulated medical waste program monitoring
  • Climactic injury surveillance with heat and cold injury prevention training
  • Certified Field Sanitation Team training'
  • Pest management surveys and consultation
  • Sanitation inspections of child care and housing facilities, barracks, and detention cells
  • Investigation of disease outbreaks 
  • Personal hygiene and STD avoidance education and training
  • Environmental compliance monitoring
  • Medical threat deployment and re-deployment briefings

Community Health Nursing

Assesses the health needs of the community. Provides health promotion and health education specific populations including mothers, children, pregnant soldiers, families, and patients with specific communicable diseases.

Telephone: 762-408-CARE
Location: Building 2631, Soldier’s Plaza

  • HIV, hepatitis, and tuberculosis surveillance and education
  • Contact tracing for patients with communicable diseases
  • Medical evaluation of positive tuberculosis skin tests
  • Baby-friendly breastfeeding education, promotion, and support
  • Expectant parent classes and new parent support
  • Family health and home health visitations
  • Health education and consultation for child development centers and services
  • Military on the Move (MOM) active duty pregnancy fitness program

Health Promotion Center

Assessment of health risks for all in-processing personnel to Fort Benning. Provides health promotion, health education, and disease prevention programs for family members, soldiers and other members of the community.

Telephone: 762-408-CARE
Location: Building 2636, Soldier’s Plaza

  • Health risk assessments, counseling and referrals
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol screening
  • Tobacco cessation counseling
  • Health promotion and wellness education
  • Coordination of health fairs and health promotion events for Fort Benning community

Occupational Health

Assesses the health and safety of military and civilian employees in the workplace. This section educates workers about health hazards, screens workers for occupational diseases, and provides evaluations and follow-up care for employees.

Telephone: 762-408-CARE
Location: Building 2630, Soldier’s Plaza

  • OSHA mandated pre-employment, periodic, and termination medical evaluations
  • Evaluation and follow-up of on-the-job injuries and illness
  • Educational classes for civilian and military employees
  • Hearing, vision, chronic disease, and immunization screening for employees
  • Blood-borne pathogen exposure surveillance for MEDDAC employees
  • Medical determination for civilian employee job reassignments
  • Respiratory protection program management
  • Medical and ergonomic work site evaluations and recommendations

Epidemiology & Disease Surveillance

Treats communicable diseases, such as sexually transmitted diseases, and prevents spread of diseases to other members of the community. Provides surveillance and reporting of medical events and investigation of disease outbreaks.

Telephone: 762-408-CARE
Location: Building 2615, 2nd Floor, Soldier’s Plaza

  • Evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of patients with sexually transmitted diseases
  • Follow-up, counseling, contact tracing and education of patients with communicable diseases
  • Data collection, analysis, and surveillance for Fort Benning community
  • Reporting of medical events to Department of Defense, local, and state public health authorities
  • Surveillance of respiratory diseases among Fort Benning’s trainee population
  • Investigation of disease outbreaks 

Industrial Hygiene

Inventories and evaluates physical and chemical health hazards within the workplace including chemical vapors, noise, dust, heat, cold, and humidity. Provides recommendations regarding ergonomics and design review. Ensures that workers are informed about health hazards and educated in ways to protect themselves from unnecessary exposures.

Telephone: 762-408-CARE
Location: Building 2616, 2nd Floor, Soldier’s Plaza

  • Work site safety and exposure evaluations
  • IH surveys and Health Hazard Information Module (HHIM) database management
  • Education classes in hazard prevention to supervisors and employees
  • Employee exposure monitoring
  • Noise hazard evaluations
  • Respiratory protection program and respiratory fit testing
  • Ventilation surveys
  • Lead exposure surveys and consultation

Health Physics

Protects health care workers as well as the public from undue exposure to radiation. Functions within the MEDDAC to inventory radiation sources, survey x-ray equipment, and measure radiation exposures received by radiation workers.

Telephone: 762-408-CARE
Location: MACH, 1st Floor

  • Maintains MEDDAC compliance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Radiation protection program and dosimetry badge surveillance
  • Training and education of radiation workers and new MEDDAC employees in radiation safety
  • Surveillance of the use and disposal of all medical nuclear material
  • Performs radiation dose calculations and provides guidance in radiation exposure incidents
  • Surveys and calibration of radiology and nuclear medicine equipment

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