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  Dedication to Others

Department of Pathology Department of Pathology


Our dedicated staff will work hard to ensure your earliest possible recovery. As a patient, you (or your designated representative) have the right to:

Be provided with considerate, high quality, respectful care.

Participate in decisions concerning your care or to designate someone who can speak for you.

Know the names of your health care providers.

Have your personal information kept confidential and privacy respected.

Obtain a second opinion concerning your diagnosis.

Participate in any discussion concerning your care and to receive information concerning advance directives.

Receive advance notice, be informed about research projects and know you can refuse to participate in them.

Be informed of facility rules and regulations.

Have a fair and efficient process for resolving differences with your health care providers and the institution that serves you.

Achieve optimum pain relief as an important part of your treatment.


In order to provide you with quality health care, it is essential that there be close cooperation and clear communication between you and the hospital staff. You can be of great assistance by assuming the following responsibilities:

Provide the staff with all the information you can on your medical history, conditions, and use of medications.

Ask questions when you do not understand your treatment plan.

Participate in your treatment plan.

Follow the hospital's policies regarding patient care and conduct, and be considerate of the rights of other patients and the staff.

Keep appointments or cancel them ahead of the scheduled time.

Recognize the impact your personal life-style plays on your health.

Report any violations of your rights to the head nurse or designee, or the Patient and Family Advocate Office (PFAO).

Promptly return your medical records to the control of the hospital.

Communicate the presence, quality and intensity of pain to the staff.


Tricare Logo

TRICARE On-line (TOL) links you and your family to healthcare services, resources, and information through a secure Internet environment.  Go to www.tricare.mil to register and schedule primary care appointments today. 

At the time of admission to MACH, please bring your advance medical directive, when available.

In most cases, the TRICARE Prime option allows for the best management of healthcare at the lowest out of pocket expense.  TRICARE Prime also requires less paperwork and a greater awareness and opportunity for patients to participate in prevention and wellness programs.

TRICARE briefings, information packets, and educational materials are available through the TRICARE Service Center, 1(835) 444-5445, and the Beneficiary Services Section, 762-408-2279..  Enrollment in TRICARE Prime guarantees ease of access at MACH.  We will be pleased to assist you in the above offices.

MACH IS A teaching institution primarily affiliated with the Medical College of Georgia, the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center, and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

Again, MACH encourages patients to "Speak Up" about their medical care or treatment, especially if they have questions or concerns, and if they do not understand something.  Patients are encouraged to take a role in preventing healthcare errors by becoming active, involved, and informed participants on the healthcare team.



The staff of the Fort Benning Medical Department Activity strives to provide high quality, considerate and responsive care focused on you, the patient, and your family members' needs. We will actively assist you in the exercise of your rights and strive to inform you of any responsibilities that you may have. If you feel that you are not being treated fairly or properly, you have the right to discuss this with your physician or any member of the staff.

For your convenience, we offer a Patient and Family Advocate to assist with any questions or concerns. An advocate is available to assist patients and family members weekdays from 0835-1630 in Bldg 9200, Room 103 and Room 103A or at the Consolidated Troop Medical Clinic (CTMC), Bldg 2515. You may also contact an advocate telephonically at
(706) 544-1817/2788/3940.

You may leave a message at any time by calling 762-408-CARE (2273) and an advocate will return your call.

This office maintains information on advance directives, such as Living Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care, and organ donation programs.

Martin Army Community Hospital

"We Care About Your Health"


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