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Department of Family Medicine Department of Family Medicine

Physical Exam Clinic

This site is intended for service members who receive their care in the Family Medicine Clinic and are assigned a provider in our clinic. Soldiers seen at the CTMC should contact that clinic for details.

All military physicals are a two part process. Part one of the physical includes completion of the military forms prior to the nursing visit, a visit with a nursing staff in our clinic (please arrive fasting for at least 8 hours) and completion of the necessary laboratory studies or screening (vision, audiology) depending on the type of physical needed.

Part two of the physical is the provider visit which will be scheduled upon the completion of all the studies mentioned above. The service members need to bring all the documentation needed for the visit. If the SM has not completed part one of the physical above, the provider will be unable to complete the required forms and the physical. The appointment includes a physical examination and review of the test results.

All military physicals should be initiated 6 weeks prior to needing the complete packet for a school, promotion or retirement Physical.

1. Print out the "Physical Examination Packet" which pertains     to you.

2. Follow the instructions provided for each packet.

3. Present to the Family Medicine Clinic on Tuesdays during     the hours of 0900-1400.

4. Check in at the reception area where you will be walked in.

5. You will be asked to be seated and a nursing staff member     will see you to review your documentation and will direct     you to the studies you will need.

6. Once all the studies (lab, X-ray, vision, hearing) have been     completed the nurse will schedule you an appointment with     a provider.

Separation Physical.

  •   You are not required to complete a separation physical when you are separating, but you may schedule one if you desire.  If you do not have a potential service-oriented disability but want a separation physical exam follow the above procedure.

  • If you do not desire a separation physical, you should contact your personnel office for a waiver in order to complete the clearing process.  All soldiers must complete Department of Defense Form 2697 (DD 2697 Report of Medical Assessment) prior to mustering out of Federal service or release from active duty.

R etirement Physical.

  • A retirement physical is mandatory.  Schedule your exam up to four months before retirement or transition leave.  Physicals will not be scheduled less than 30 days from retirement.  If you have an injury or illness that is a result of military service, please read the section on VA physicals.

V eterans Compensation Program Physical

  • If you are planning to file a Veterans' Affair (VA) claim for an injury or illness that is a result of military service, you can receive the separation and VA compensation physical examination at the same time.

  • To combine your separation and VA physical and file a VA claim, you must begin the process well before you will leave the service. You can schedule this exam up to six (6) months (180 days) prior to the scheduled retirement date. Examinations will be required no later than 90 days prior to separation/retirement date. Contact the VA Regional Office at 1-877-222-8387 for scheduling and information.. Or go on-line at http://www.va.gov

  • If you do not meet the time deadline:

    • Complete the VA disability compensation claim before final out-processing.

    • Attend the VA disability claims briefing.

    • Turn in the VA compensation claim form with your service medical records during final out-processing.

    • The claim and your medical records will be forwarded to the Veterans Administration Regional Office (VARO) having jurisdiction over the address provided on the claim form. The VARO will then schedule any additional medical examination required to complete processing of the VA claim.

    • If you do not complete a VA disability claim before final out-processing you can contact the VARO by calling 1-877-222-8387 after separating from service. VARO will provide you with the disability claim from and other necessary information. Although a claim may be filed at any time after separation, it is recommended that the initial application be completed within one year of release from service.

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